Hi there! My name is Tina Michelle and I am a psychic, medium and author. During my sessions with a client, their Angels begin to tell me things about them. When this first started, I told a client, "I wish you could see them, and how beautiful they are..." I suddenly heard a voice in my mind, saying "pick up a pen and show her what we look like". Since then I have drawn (at this date of 01/01/12) 6000 or so drawings.

Each drawing is different and unique. As the Angels use color and shape as a part of their very unique language, not only are the drawings defined, they are colorful. As color is their language, each tone and hue means something different. So, even if you see a "green" Angel in several different pictures, take careful note of hue, tone AND shape. Everything means something in these drawings.

I will, of course, tell you each specfic thing your Angel states to tell you, so that you can understand the color, hue, tone and shape as well. If you would like more information on how to get one of these sessions, please visit my website (be sure to read the WHAT TO EXPECT IN A READING) http:.www.tinamichelle.com

I have other photos as well, including some awesome GHOST photos that clients have sent, or I have taken personally while ghost hunting.

Check out the travel section which includes both the Sea Angels Cruise photos as well as my personal appearances in various countries.

Tina Michelle